Ben Gold-Colossal And Much More!

“Colossal” is a great new track by the British DJ, BenGold. This single includes a remix by well-regarded trance DJ, RafaelFrost, which adds a harder more uptempto version of Ben Gold’s original mix. My favorite would have to be the Rafael Frost version! Ben Gold has released amazing tracks this year.  Tracks include “Pandemic”, “Flash”, also remixes of GarethEmery’s hit “Sanctuary” and Tritonal’s track “Suzu”. Don’t sleep on Ben Gold in2012.  He is coming up in thetrance world. None other than Gareth Emery has pretty much taken him under hiswing. Enjoy all these amazing tracks while they last!
Ben Gold-Colossal
Ben Gold-Colossal (Rafael Frost Remix)
Gareth Emery-Sanctuary (Ben Gold Remix)
Tritonal-Suzu (Ben Gold Remix)
Rafael Frost-Smash
Gareth Emery & Ben Gold-Flash


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