Cosmic Gate’s New Album "Wake Your Mind"!

CosmicGate, the German trance duo recently released their album “Wake Your Mind”.It’s their 5th LP. The album is amazing from front to finish. They’ve been around forever and continue to make mind blowingtrance anthems. Masters of vocal trance, the album contains epic singles,including “The Theme”, “Barra”, and “Be Your Sound”, which together represent agood balance of instrumental and chilling vocal tracks including long powerfulbuild ups into a drop that makes you feel you’re at the show! The album alsocontains co-productions with unbelievable artists such as Andrew Bayer, EmmaHewitt, Jes and many more.  Theyare in the middle of a North America tour right now. They were just at the clubSutra in Newport Beach October 30th. If you missed that show don’t worrybecause they will be at The Exchange on 618 South Spring St. Los Angeles, CA onNovember 23rd Trust me you do not wanna miss this! If you like these songs please purchase their album. You’ll have the album stuck on repeat!



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